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Test Driven Development

??browser testing? this falls under acceptance tests?

Difference between mock, stub, and fixture? They are all a mechanisms to decouple data from the database. If your DB is down, you couldn’t run your test suite.

Fixtures and factories sort of relate to each other so that you don’t have to instantiate a bunch of objects. Fixtures- are stable data to be used in the test environment. Fixtures are written in YAML.

mocks and stubs: connect to the FB api, but you don’t need to, so you create something that responses with canned data like it is the facebook api. See mocks aren’t stubs by Martin Fowler

why does a spec folder hold the tests? This outlines the specifications? - A specification is an explicit set of requirements to be satisfied by a material, product, or service.

??ping ponging - if someone writes a test and the other passes it are you switching off every 5 minutes

“How I test” with Ryan Bates

only open the browser when you need to focus on UI. Otherwise use tests.

  • capybara to simulate the user factory-girl instead of fixtures -> where you store your factories
  • guard

  • integeration_test

Capybara DSL Methods
visit login_path
    click_link "password"
    fill_in "Email", :with => user.email
    click_button "Reset Password"

Good article on the process of testing

Steven Nunez

@_StevenNunez conway’s game of life

Testing is: the act of isolating parts of your code with a known state to ensure it works as expected

Acceptance testing, integration and tests: cucumber, capybara, webrat

unit tests - take a class, take tests and make objects

Why test?

  • want to know when things break
  • allows for courageous refactoring
  • gives documentation on how your code is SUPPOSED to work. Learn to expect tests.
  • It is your duty to deliver working code. Verification.

Testing sounds like an extra step…

  • Forces you to think small
  • Less thoughts to juggle
  • Leads to modular code
  • write less code
  • increase documentation: see what the intention was
  • small victories: always chasing green


  • RSpec provides something called subject
    • subject = Class.new

Write the code you wish you had

  • test with none, test with 1, test with some
  • can write a pending test by just writing it blocks

BDD is more route => controller => model TDD is more model => controller => route

practical object oriented design by sandi metz