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SQL DB Talk From CTO of Behance

Thanks to Chris Henry for taking the time to come down

Things examined

lock_time the time the server will wait

rows examined

tmp_tables - creating these temp tables are bad

cartisan product

indexes- once you created them run completed under the hood can only use one index per table

Review: Query execution plan more reading

  • only way to get around this is to change the structre– i.e. denormalization


  • cost per write -> re-indexing
  • Can use indexes to set constraints on your data

Cardinality : how chunky your data is

SELECT COUNT(*) title FROM tags t INNER JOIN tags_entity_links tel ON t.id = tel.tag_id WHERE category = 1 AND title

The tags are polymorphic: tag table id | tag_id | id_for_table | type

performance to denormalization ??performance or aggregate data

composite index

LEFT JOIN or RIGHT JOIN will show the nulls that wouldn’t be included in INNER JOIN

The NoSQL camp is a return to hierarchical data stores - a 40 year old

count or cache

three seperate databases = 3 apps


apache bench
watch the slow logs
cacti tool
load on the server


?? why mysql over postgres?

  • right place right time


  • percona port makes the most sense for mysql-

?? many proj has many tags - many to many - goes through what join table?

Look up:

  • jumping words in the terminal