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RubyMotion Day 4

Auto-rotation in View Controller


File Structure

  • the RubyMotion compiler recursively checks all the file directories and adds the files. If I brake out a method it will find it and I don’t need to wrap it in a class or anything in the other file.


  • always want to use the sdk_version
  • the deployment_target is the lowest version of the iOS device that you want to run on
    • in the app delegate file I can set the deployment target to app.deployment_target = 5.1
    • rake target=5.1 launches the device in the specified iOS
      • check the device with UIDevice.currentDevice.systemVersion


CA Layers

The CALayer class manages image-based content and allows you to perform animations on that content See Apple Docs

  • can create a tree structure for CA Layers just like you can create a tree structure for controllers and views

  • Using the REPL to play with the layers p. 138

  • We are using gradients in Chapter 20 p. 141-42.

  • addSublayer(grass_layer) is for adding on top of an inserted sublayer

Bug with Objective-c array

  • ran into another instance of when the compiler breaks on an objective-c array. This happened on the first day as well. Need to pay attention to this.
    • the steps to debug are: rake debug=1, then backtrace, lower-case quit to quit the debugger

Deploy to your device

  • rake device will deploy it to the device
  • rake device debug=1 will deploy with a debugger