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Ruby Rogue Notes

DCI data, context, interactions

Dunbar number


Why not to adopt Rack

Design video dealing with irrational customers

Strong parameters

Git blame- you can annotate the file with git blame to see when each line of the method was last edited and by whom

Amazing prices at priceline

HATEOAS Contrast with SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)

Domain model pattern versus active record

Execution in the kindom of nouns

  • Leaky abstraction
  • Messaging architecture system

  • Tcp -> Lion based protocol

TO READ: keyword params code

hashrocket lunch and learn

Avdi Grimm- Objects on rails

RESTful Webservices

Reading for when I am grown up: Class Construction in C and C++: Object-Oriented Programming Fundamentals

Gems: carrierwave over paperclip carrierwave Kaminari over will_paginate Pagination with Kaminari