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An open journal-- some of it written for you, but most of it is for me.

Routes of the App

The plan for the refactor

  1. Multiple errors are being mass assigned a unique tag
  2. multiple tags are being assigned to an error

  3. individual tags are assigned to an individual error

  4. individual tags are being removed from an error

Invidual Tag and Error DELETE /errors/id/tags/id - Remove this tag from that error POST /errors/id/tags/id - Adding this tag to that error

Multiple Tags to an Error PUT /errors/id/tags -

Update an Error # Sure, it could also accept tags tag_tokens= PUT /errors/id

Multiple Errors are Assigned One Tag POST /tags/id/errors { error_ids => [], }

Supply a Tag ID in the URL along with an array of error_ids.

DELETE /tags/id/errors

Creating the controllers

tags_controller is responsible for updating tags_controller

the errors controller is responsible for updating errors

  • the errors/tags controller is responsible for update tags on an error