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Pow Config

I had a bunch of issues getting pow up and running after I upgraded to Mavricks. I ended up not installing via the curl method that the 37signals suggests as it wasn’t recognizing my rbenv and was running on my system ruby. So I uninstalled and tried it with homebrew, which required a different path in my .powconfig file. Just like the troubleshooter said it would via the github issue, this worked.

Final code: export PATH="/usr/local/opt/rbenv/shims:/usr/local/opt/rbenv/bin:$PATH"

Boom! Smack! Pow!

UPDATE (Summer ‘14):

The new hotness is ngrok. An easier way to expose a local web server to the internet. It’s the jam.

  • Works with ngrok localhost:3000 for a rails app for example.
  • Then open it up on the provided url and you’ve got yourself a stew.