Hack hack hack...

An open journal-- some of it written for you, but most of it is for me.



  • Taken
    • ivy
    • trellis
    • grapevine
    • chlorophyll
    • vinify

Building the gem

  • Ryan Bates you stud
  • create the gem with builder before you create files within it.

Removing a file from Github

  • git rm examples/all.rb
  • git rm examples/all.rb --cached leaves a local version

class << self


Hacking vine

  • thumbnails and videos are posted to s3, they cannot be self hosted for example, so one could repost other videos from the validated s3 bucket.

    • thumbnails seem to be able to be hosted from anywhere…
  • 20 second vines.

    • here and here
    • this hack has been closed. They just crash the app now.
  • hacking the AWS s3 bucket

    • wonder if they can be hosted by any s3 bucket? likely not, but worth a try.

Publishing the Gem

  • Used Hemingway as a nice template.
    • notice he used gem instead of spec as the variable name
    • added the dependencies in the gemspec