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Peer Mentorship

Next week I’m going to introduce a new 1 on 1 system on our team. I currently have 8 reports and the other manager on our team has 5. The load of weekly 1 on 1s is quite large if we are truly doing a legitimate check-in. And so, I’d like to try out a system of peer mentorship where peers conduct one on ones with each other for a week to 2 weeks a month. This means we will need to spend time training the team on how to conduct 1 on 1s which I will assume will force us to consider how we currently conduct our 1 on 1s and how they could be better.

Peer mentorship organically already exists on the team. We see natural gravitations along lines of technological specialities and personality types. I’ve done my best to find assignments for these pairs to share a chunk of time working together and I’ve always been impressed with the results. Formalizing this process through this peer mentorship check-in system should further reinforce that natural alliance without forcing devs to be people managers.

We’ll see how this experiment works out, but I’m excited to give it a try. Trusting team members with the task of developing their peers has almost always led to positive results. I expect the same here.