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An open journal-- some of it written for you, but most of it is for me.

Jan 4 Notes

  • Created deploy user or go as root?
    • scp => ssh copy from home dir to files online

Goals for payments

  • verification is done.
    • set up payment long form for when a user submits a bounty for the first time.
      • short form for 2nd payment and beyond?
    • need to notify the bounty author when a bounty has been claimed && verified.

Reference Spike’s resources

Setting up a staging server

  • need to configure nginx to handle another environment

  • configured nginx.conf

  • copy up or pull down files: scp /fileonmycomp deploy@git.bo:filename

  • sudo nginx -s stop

  • sudo nginx -> starts nginx

  • update the DNS so that it points to that IP address

Railscast on setting up another env #72

  • can make as many environments as you want
    • add a staging.rb
    • copy production.rb, but enable debug for the log
    • need to create block in the database.yml file as well
    • rails s -e staging will start the server in that env
      • rails c staging will start the console in that env

Ruby Gems

gem env shows the paths of your RubyGem Enviroment

Create Postgres DB

Migrate Postgres DB

  • bundle exec rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=staging

Precompiling locally

  • bundle exec rake assets:precompile

Undoing the last Github commit

Passenger environment nginx config