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Intro to React

React event

  • similar to normal event handling (responds to target and such, but has other properties)

Refs and the Dom


  • They are the mechanism used in React for passing data from parent to child components
  • Props can’t be changed from inside the component; they are passed and “owned” by the parent.


  • React’s components can have mutable data inside this.state.
  • when the state is updated, the component triggers the reactive rendering, and the component itself and its children will be re-rendered. As mentioned, this happens very quickly due to React’s use of a virtual DOM.

Component to action to store

  • the store is subscribed to the action
  • components subscribed to stores -> re-render
  • props are immutible -> given the state of the application, what doe the component look like?

  • ?what is the value of the actions step -> ususually just passing through to the store

  • user inputs triggers the action

  • inputs into the system -> actions
  • action updates the state
  • which updates the components

  • store is more flexibile than backbone collections and models

  • based on the change what literal DOM manipulations are needed -> taken care of virtual DOM