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An open journal-- some of it written for you, but most of it is for me.

Interview Questions

For employers:

  1. What are you looking for in a junior developer?
  2. What are your technology needs and goals?
  3. Do you think I can help you reach those goals?

Expect from employers

  1. What’s your biggest weakness and/or tell me about a time you had a conflict in a team


  • Appacademy.io

  • What devs want:

    • room for growth and skills development
    • high caliber team
    • positive org structure
    • opporunity to learn
    • control over own work
    • excitement about company’s products
    • convenient commute
    • high base compensation -> would take 10% less if the company meets the other criteria
  • Puzzle Node

  • phone screen
  • get that job at google

questions to ask:

  • genuine questions:

    • what % do you spend coding
    • how much time do you spend in meetings
  • passion questions

    • Ive been primarily working in rails, but what should I study to get up to speed?
  • insightful questions

    • you are using tech x, so how do you handle problem y
    • e.g. scaling or payment processing

Worth reading