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How the Web Works

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-> get IP address for server -> assemble http request, sends an ack -> open a tcp connection on 80 (or 443 for SSL) -> tcp port established between user and host (over 1024) -> ssl negotiation, user provides public key and the host provides its public key we validate based on a cert provider and then we are provided a symetric key that we use with that site going forward -> nat - network address translation -> GET HTTP request

On the server ->

  • HA proxy (ssl negotiation, load balancing) (we could replace this with nginx)
  • apache (speaks http, this is the web server)
  • phusion passenger (the workers that enable concurrancy)
  • hit the routes file


  • ubuntu 14.04 (LTS)
  • HA proxyd (port 443 -d SSL only)
  • sshd (port 22) -> run commands remotely (ssl encrypted)


  • apache, spawns passenger pushion
  • passenger spawns 5 wokers
    • takes the request and turns it into a rack ruby object

NFS - Network file system