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Coffee Script Rails Cast

ISSUES: Ran into problems with a conflict bewtween the .js table sorter and checkbox select all .js ??Does it have to be loaded before the html table is created?

Checkboxes always use input tags

Psudo Selectors:

p:first - first paragrapah input:checkbox - all checkboxes input:text_field - all text fields a:hidden - all hidden links

.attr( attributeName ) - Returns: String - Description: Get the value of an attribute for the first element in the set of matched elements.

jquery token input - when you aren’t editing the tag - when you click in that box we have autocomplete - bulk assign -

  • resolve the error in airbrake from our app
  • allow comments
  • resolved or fixed button

dont allow signal and noise capture info on when the last deploy was… if the deploy was more recent than the fixed tag than

refresh error button to import errors – put notice on success or failure to import main errors page a drop down filter based on tag

FEEDBACK: button refreshes import immedately show tags page… with edits comment field added for each error formatting the error message fix was deployed with button - shows the fixed errors as repeats after a deploy mutually exclusive signal and noise

filters as multi select stats on front page -!total error counts -!avg errors per day last week to this week -snapshot

v2: custom tags in bulk setting up filters - if front end bug assignment