Hack hack hack...

An open journal-- some of it written for you, but most of it is for me.


Rolled back git using the sha

used the fresh method to collect the fresh errors in an array. then we used the flatten method to un-nest the array to acccess the objects.

changed the interface to show the airbrake IDs so that we can differentiate the errors with the same name

p291 form_tag issues an HTTP request that replaces all the content in the browser. form_remote_tag issues an HTTP request, but processes the results with JavaScript rather than having the browser render them directly.

nav filtering all errors inbox checkboxes(which don’t work but do display) - have the route for signal

event driven programming

dom fields

cmd option i - to open the

collect all values submit the request, submit the values manually raise params.inspect

GOAL OF THE IMPORTER: import a new set of airbrake errors

if the id is NOT uniq then update the attributes but do not display or save in mongoid memory

identify what is uniq with the present method if uniq ignore if NOT uniq then update attributes makes sure the newly imported error will not save –> validation should take care of this