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Debug Method

// location.reload()

Look up dataTypes – text, json, script (js), xml, html This the request type format that we want it in.

JQuery Token Input

http://railscasts.com/episodes/258-token-fields need to make sure the controller responds to .json -the default has it nested in an @tags key. To remove that we need to map it to its attributes like so– format.json { render :json => @tags.collect{|t| t.attributes} }

  • prePoulation was an issue as well
Symobol to Proc
[1,2].collect{|i| i.to_s} #=> ["1", "2"]
  • To Jquery plugin to gem
    • query isn’t searching properly in the tags controller
    • remove the submit button for tag tokens

‘f.text_field options’ for onAdd or on Remove

  • put the ‘:controller => :error, :action => :resolve_on_airbrake’ on the fix button or gather all the errors tagged with fixed and move this task to a background job…

  • sidekiq runs on redis

    • create a worker folder
    • ??needs to be serialized into redis?
    • sidekiq will run if there is an error: can disable the retry option with an option
    • pool thread limits the number of jobs that can be run