Hack hack hack...

An open journal-- some of it written for you, but most of it is for me.

Gregg Pollack


  • Client closer to the team

    • short feedback cycles
      • show work on a weekly basis
  • Understanding the why of your work

    • clients often don’t know what they really want
      • ask questions

        In order to, as a , I want to __.

  • Code is a craft.

    • consulting is more challenging than a startup
      • scratching someone else’s itch is more challenging
  • There are things that you can delegate

  • Starting a book club- for both your company and those around you.

  • Use Skitch and Jing is like skitch for screencasting to show off your work and improve feedback.

  • Ask a company about their core values…


  • go to user stories right away
  • show the estimates of the of the features, not of the tasks that contribute to the feature
  • get away from big estimates immediately - we don’t show the granular estimates