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Gang of Four: Builder Pattern and Singletons


  • Concrete builders: html to markdown and html to json?
  • Could we think of a complex cart like this? Like line items of a educational program might compose a composite object by the cart which is the director.
    • doesn’t quite match up with subbing in different builders
  • like strategy pattern, but the way it differs is that it creates a composite object at the end
  • but this book is more about the abstract factory, the way this differs is that it the director gives you finer control of the order.
  • separating out how the object is built

  • e.g. Creating enrollments with one time purchases vs recurring subscriptions

    • client == browser
    • director == model ShoppingCart
    • builder1 == JobGuaranteeSubscription
    • builder2 == NonJobGuaranteeSubscription
    • result == subscription

    • Build part: slack group, google group, batch


  • there is only one instance and so if another part of the code changes it, then you will have shot yourself in the foot
  • publishers, which are all singletons, don’t need more than one, but they could have been classes instead
  • dependency injection makes tests way easier