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Programs are:

idealized components… not bound by degradation of use.

infinite complexity… because nothing is stopping us from building it.

Method signature is the first line of the method (e.g. def method_name(*arg))

Parameters are the adverbs. Parameters allow us to make a method dynamic.

To the computer, there is no difference between a local variable and a method.

’==’ => value equality ’===’ => object equality

A computationally efficient language will compile down faster than

lazy evaluation- the program will stop as soon as an if or elsif is satisfied. It won’t execute any more statements.

Ode by Arthur O’Shaughnessy

sqlite 3.4.12 is the first version to support multi-line inserts.

?? Are there languages with more syntactic sugar than ruby? ?? is it really not possible to write a program in SQL Does this qualify as a program? SQL code: