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FIS Day13

“It is much easier to optimize correct code than it is to correct optimized code.”

POTD Uncle Bob

Nate Westheimer

  • ? What kind of startups would you like to work at?
  • ? Since we are starting with a blank slate, what would you spend your time learning? Mobile? What skills will ensure you will be valuable for the next few years?
  • ? why choose mysql over other db options, how do you make other architectural decisions since you may not have a bird’s eye view?
  • ? controlling feature creep - where i live based on the photos– necessary? A: intuition



Setup and tear down methods come with every test suite.

  • CLI application for the dynamic
  • test the job board classes, using SQL joins– class called job and a class called company
  • test the student class in the dynamic site
  • focus on Sinatra- put a front end on the job board
  • find what they scraped and build an end all be all of job scrapers.