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Elastic Search


“elastic search is full text sreach engine, non-relational DB, analytics engine”

  • has clustering and managed over REST
  • Suggest Explicit mapping

  • keywords -> non-analyzed data

  • full text -> analyzed

  • filters -> will need bool then filters

relevance -> score meta data field for document match

  • things are ranked
  • filters are faster and don’t have relevance (so if you don’t care, go with fiters)
  • can boost relevance

multi-index multi-type

  • lots of power

Aggregation -> group by on steroids

  • SQL: group by the bucket
  • aggregator -> can do nested group by and data retrieval

Managing elastic search

  • clustering
    • odd number of nodes bigger than 1
      • 3 shards and replication
      • a third node can shuffle the shards and the replicas

ELK Stack

  • elastic search, logstash, and kubana
  • logstash
    • want to parse and stash log data
  • kubana
    • front end visualizer
  • now beats added -> lightweight, written in go -> for shipping

Split Brain issue


  • VPN -> encrypts traffic between servers

Setting up elastic search