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CSS Restyle


Block, Element, Modifier (BEM)

  • site

  • containers and objects are more modular

  • layouts aren’t reused

  • clearfix issue

    • using psuedo element hack
  • media element

    • object in css methodology
  • containers

    • an element that can contain other things -> more container-ish

      • doesn’t usually contain other elements
    • any decendents are named-spaced of the parent

      • e.g. .sample-object and .sample-object__child
      • child is indicated by double underscore
      • you should expect to see similar classes up the DOM
        • e.g. <div class='level'><div class='level__inner'></div></div>
    • options
      • <div style-color='red'>
      • <dic data-count='16'>
    • extensions
      • modifiers have double dash
      • you should expect to see similar class within the same div
        • e.g. <div class='module module--island module--island--cap'>
    • modules
      • usually have a head/body/footer
      • provides margin around it, background and borders
  • object

    • an element that doesn’t contain other elements as opposed to objects which are more like containers
    • built to fill the width they are in, without explicit width
    • maybe a place where !important can live given that other elements won’t live within it.
    • expect more legos than objects
  • levels

    • makes vertical organization of the grids
    • they stack on top of eachother - levels of a building
    • centers a container in a strip that goes across the page
  • utility class

    • namespaced with url
      • with margin on the bottom
      • utl__m--bxl => utility, margin, bottom extra large

## ? - how is this going to work with vendors (like icons) - vertical height for grid

  • user bar is a layout
    • list horizontal
  • level for bubble bar
  • remove rows and cols from markdown to json parser