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Deleting Remote Github Branches

  • There are some solutions here, but I wasn’t overjoyed with them considering I have 70 some branches to prune. There are some other ideas here and in the GitBook.

Responsive Layout

  • we have been having issues with the homepage loading with two of the three buttons in one row and the third on the bottom.
    • The lion share of the fix was changing the layout from grid to responsive and changing the span number from 3 to 4.
      • A fuller explanation can be found here

Server issues

  • I had some problems with deploying. After some frustration, I saw that the application.yml file was not being included. There was no sym link and there was no actual file in the shared folder on the server. I ssh’ed into the server, but didn’t have much luck. At the end, I simply used an FTP uploader to create the application.yml file and cut and pasted the content. It worked, but I didn’t feel great about the solution.

Oauth Permissions

  • Previously we required users to give us read/write access to both there public and private repos. That isn’t really necessary. Changing the scope permissions in outlined here.
    • I changed the permissions and saw that I need to restart the server for those changes to take effect locally. I assume the same is necessary on the server.