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Agile With Matt Salerno

Agile is…

is about getting input from your environment

  • many agile dev techniques, come from Toyota and lean manufacturing
    • if they were based on 1000 cars a day metric and the suppliers or demand change, Toyota needed to avoid

split the process into small parts to reduce waste and inefficiency

  • set up frequent opportunities for assessment and feedback
  • plan only as far ahead as you need to. Your environment WILL change.
  • break the process down into the smallest possible units

Small Pieces

  • break the task down and break the time frames down
  • sprints: in an avg dev shop, a sprint might be from 2-3 weeks
    • for a day project, we use sprints from

Get feedback so that you can fail faster


  1. sprint planning session
  2. sprint
  3. retrospective


Epic > stories > task

  • Story = what is this code going to do?
    • break the story down into tasks to make that happen

Planning session

  • beginning of the project, you start out with a planning session.
    • the client and the user can identify the NEED TO HAVES and WANT TO HAVES
      • which stories are we going to pull out from the backlog
    • reduce you waste because the client is going to change their mind

Agile is sort of the like:

  • ~= small git commits
  • ~= TDD

Nice job Matt