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7 Righteous Fights

With Heidi Waterhouse

  • Technical debt compounds in a way that is painful


  • get them early, reference labels -> will make it so much easier later
  • no words in logos or images



  • use 3rd party people that do this
  • leave room for encryption
  • sunset your data after a certain period


  • make your work modifiable


  • documentation helps us with onboarding and reduces context switches for seniors
  • production scripts and build sequences need to be recorded


  • tells us what we are doing without documentation


  • have you showed this product to anyone who is like the user (not the financiers) -> need to actually talk to them
  • show them the product and don’t tell them how it supposed to work is the hardest and most important part
  • “Making users awesome” - people don’t want to be using software, they want to be drawing or taking a photograph, software is just an intermediary


  • look at this on a non-retina screen
  • emulators and physical are totally different experiences
  • 8% of men are red-green color blind
  • status updates for nagios use red-green, which isn’t helpful
  • hide your mouse, use TAB instead
  • we are all temporarily able-bodied


  • Learn how to write ROI documents
  • diverse teams will help with these problems
  • money is the root of all business decisons
  • be productively lazy